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Ships of the Sea Museum is now accepting submissions for a 2018 exhibit on the pollution of our waterways.  Inspired by Jason deCaires Taylor’s public art piece “Plasticide,” we are seeking the aid of artists to demonstrate in a visceral, yet authentic way the local and global effects of water pollution.


The goal of the exhibit is to promote awareness of water pollution issues through the following:  

  1. Artist: to artistically demonstrate pollution’s effects on our waterways in an authentic and visceral format.

  2. Museum: to provide evidence illustrating pollution’s damage to our waterways.

  3. Museum: to provide solutions on how individuals can aid in the recovery of our waterways.

  4. Artist and Museum: to donate funds to local environmental groups who strive to protect our waterways.  (A silent auction will be held during the course of the exhibit.  40% of the profits will go to local environmental groups with the remaining 60% going to the artist.  Ships of the Sea will not receive a commission on the pieces.)   


Ships of the Sea Museum, founded in 1966, is a non-profit organization committed to interpreting the maritime history of the region.  The galleries have 70 feet of wall space with limited, yet available, floor space for sculptures.  The grounds also feature the largest private gardens in the Historic District where larger public art pieces would be welcome.  At this time the Museum is seeking applications from local artists only.  Exhibit date: May – August 2018.


Artists wishing to be considered for the exhibit should submit the following to Wendy Melton, Curator of Exhibits and Education, at  All entries must be submitted by Monday, 30 October 2017.

  • 3 digital images of previous works

  • Artist Resume

  • Written proposal for exhibition describing the piece you would like to create, its media, its relevance to the issue and exhibit, and proposed size.   




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