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In late August of this year I’ll be retiring from my position as Executive Director of the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. It’s been a great ride, and I’m grateful to our Board of Directors and the Museum staff for giving me the opportunity, the support and the leeway as I maneuvered my way through the ropes over the past 17 years. I’ve been very fortunate to have had held a position which demands involvement across disciplines, all of which serve the mission of art and history in the community and which has also contributed to my own personal growth. (I would almost presume to say that I’m beginning to get the hang of it.) I’m also grateful to the local cultural organizations, vendors and friends of the Museum who have contributed on a very concrete level to the growth of Ships of the Sea Museum.


The Museum’s accomplishments over the years (most notably the Board’s commitment to building the North Garden during a period of economic uncertainty) as well as our successes in expanded programming, events and exhibitions are the fruit of serious and sustained hard work by the Board and our staff, and was built on the foundation laid by our benefactor Mills B. Lane IV and my predecessor Jeff Fulton. This growth will continue on through the next stages with the continued commitment of a seasoned staff and my successor, Charles Youles, whom you will find to be an excellent “fit” for the Museum and just the person to lead it into the future. Charles has been eager to familiarize himself with our culture, programs and procedures prior to his official start on July 2, and he will have the pleasure of working with an exemplary group of colleagues in both the Board and the staff.


My plans for my retirement include reading, writing, learning Italian (and Sanskrit if time permits), learning to play the instruments I’ve been making, and serious beach chair time with my wife Laura. Arrivederci…


Tony Pizzo

Above:(from left to right) Lynn Brennan, President, Propeller Club Port of Savannah; Tony Pizzo, recipient of the Club’s 2018 Maritime Person of the Year; Emily Goldman, the Club’s 2018 Member of the Year; Chuck Heimes, Past President of the Club. 


Right: Charles Youles (left) and Tony Pizzo (right) at the Propeller Club Port of Savannah National Maritime Day Commemoration, May 24, 2018

Photos courtesy of Lynn Wright.







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