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Welcome to the virtual tour section of the Ships of the Sea Museum website.  Entering through the garden gate will take you through the Scarbrough garden and into the Museum, or you may use the links listed below to go directly to the locations listed.


We have added a nighttime component to the virtual tour to give you a chance to see the way Scarbrough garden is illuminated at night (the shots were taken in late October.) It is comprised of a circular panoramic view taken from the center of the terrace and some still shots of interesting corners of the garden and its pathways.  To go to the nighttime photo section of the tour, click on the purple "Garden at night" in the "Quick Links to Scenes" section below. Boxes in the panorama shot will guide you to still photos of various sections of the garden.


The purpose of these nighttime views is twofold: to show you the different kind of drama which the garden offers at night; and to give prospective renters a clearer idea of how our lighting system presents the garden after dark. The Museum, pathways and pavilion are tastefully illuminated to ensure their safety and usefulness. The terrace is a blank canvas to which you may add your own touches. It can be easily illuminated with standing lamps, a single strip of lights along the inside perimeter of a tent, or a variety of other methods.


(Please note that due to the nature of digital nighttime photography which reads white incandescent light as orange, the overall tone of the garden is a bit redder than it would appear to the human eye.)


Garden design by John McEllen

Garden lighting by Mac Newell

Photography by Greg Kurth



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